Conspiracy theories explained


hey I want you to imagine a guy named
Joe just try to picture the story Joe
has a boring life Joe works a job he
doesn’t like Joe commutes one hour every
morning one hour every evening Joe works
9:00 to 5:00 he doesn’t like his
colleague much he doesn’t hate the meter
he hasn’t talked to his neighbor in a
long time Joe is an average citizen with
a very boring life he has nothing going
on Joe is not even alive
he’s just drifting at least that’s how
he perceives his life so and there are
lots of Jews in the world right now
imagine if tomorrow an alien spaceship
jumped into orbit of Earth just like
that Joe’s life became interesting for
the first time in a long time even his
entire life
Joe has something going on Joe finds
meaning to his life he followed the news
every days he talks to his neighbor for
the first time he just found passion
because of this event he
craved so much so before that critical
events Joe was just drifting and
basically waiting for retirement
waiting to die a zombie and just like
that he becomes part of history his life
has a meaning conspiracy theories are a
daydream of an exciting life
it makes drifting people feel alive so
conspiracy theories are like a form of
entertainment except instead of going to
the movies it’s like a movie but in real
life people hope they dream they are
desperate for something to happen if you
go sometimes on conspiracy theory forums
people are in a constant state of
happening they expect something to
they hope something to happen they even
have animations gifs happening happening
things happening this is the dream
because those people have nothing going
on in real life so their fantasy is that
something happens
finally it’s really a form of
entertainment and that’s why it’s so
it’s so powerful
that’s why conspiracy theories are just
powerful as movies that Justin as many
people fantasy fantasizing about
conspiracy theories than people going to
the movies and it’s just for different
types of folks some people like movies
and some people like the movie but in
real life so conspiracies is like a
movie mixed with real-life reality
another strong component i think of
conspiracy theories is the feeling of
belonging of being in a community with
the knowledge that others that other
people don’t have it works like that a
lot insects or religions for example
well the sect members they are happy to
have a knowledge that they know the
external world doesn’t have they know
something they feel good because they
think they know something others don’t
and this is a big psychological
component of conspiracy theories also I
think this group of people feel more
powerful and feel alive and feel like
they got something because they and they
validate themselves in their group and
they feel that they know something that
the others don’t
those people have nothing going on their
lives so knowing something or those
people don’t is a very strong addiction
and as
from feeling for them and their entire
businesses built around this since there
are groups of people who have nothing
going on in the lives and are desperate
for knowledge or happening of fantasy
you will see thousands of businesses
build around it books e-books seminars
documentaries for each niche there are
business niche done basically for each
conspiracy theory you will find ebooks a
guy selling ebooks a guy selling books a
guy making documentaries a guy doing
seminars for money of course those
people who make business to exploit it
the just exploiting a niche they’re
making money on the backs of those
desperate Joe’s that I described at the
beginning of the video
all these Joe’s that have nothing going
on and they dream of something exciting
happening all these Joe’s they are the
good customers to buy all the e-books
all the seminars of all these con men
and crooks who have secret knowledge to
sell to those disparate people and maybe
a lot of you have recognized yourself in
Joe and yeah I really wanted to talk
about this because it’s also an
experience to share when I was much
younger in my early 20s
I used to be a Jew at some point when I
was in college I suffered from extreme
social anxiety and this isolated me
quite a bit I was and I was very bored
of college and I didn’t go much because
of my anxiety and so I basically spent
my evenings and weekends on the Internet
and I really I did all the conspiracy
you can find the Hollow Earth hollow
moon the Nibiru planets the alien bases
on the face of the Moon on the black
face of the moon the great aliens the
pyramids really it was it was a crazy
time and I think it was also at that
time the internet was like not as
mainstream and all these conspiracy
theories were like there were plenty of
people into that and it was fun it was
really fun so yeah I spent like yeah
hours and hours maybe a hundred hours on
YouTube watching every good damn
documentary I used to be a Jew so
because I used to be a Joe for a little
while in my life I know how it works and
ya know I’m my social anxiety has been
gone a long time now
thank God I cured it I mean it just went
away with experience and age and play
into in those times I was really into
conspiracy theories and it was really
so I’m not saying there are no real-life
conspiracies but I’m talking about all
the niche conspiracies that are daydream
/ entertainment type of conspiracies and
now with the perspective of experienced
age wisdom you can call it I really
realize how ridiculous
all these conspiracies where all these
ridiculous conspiracies I was fascinated
when I was 20 year old and now I’m 34
and I look at that Wow really you
believe in that stuff it’s it’s funny
play was fun at the time when I was
immature and bored of college yeah coach
sucked right so a bit of alien videos
was a good drug yeah and I was an
introvert also so that plays a role too
so to conclude a recap I would say
conspiracy conspiracy theories are a
genuine form of entertainment as
important as movies and except it’s like
a movie merged mixed with daydream and a
part of real life there are plenty of
businesses around this niche this form
of entertainment and there are a lot of
people who are fans of conspiracy
theories and it’s the lack of meaning in
real life that gives birth of the
addiction or interest for conspiracy
theories and they are not going away
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