No BS advice and theory to fight social anxiety

With my experience, I will give you my best and most genuine advice and theory to fight your social anxiety.

For a long time I had some forms of social anxiety. it started in my teens and continued into my 20s, I had what I would call medium social anxiety,
with some rare but very real panic attacks in a corporate work environment where I would nearly faint if i didn’t go in the toilets to be alone and calm down.

As I write this in my 30s I can say I don’t suffer from social anxiety much these days, I still have some form of it, but I would call it rare and “mild” social anxiety from time to time.


trust me.

Take a month off, go alone in a foreign country and just live…

And here is why:
My opinion and experience is that social anxiety comes mostly from a lack of life experience.

I have found and experienced that when traveling, I was “progressing” way faster with my social skills, confidence and social anxiety. And this life experience gathering up has helped tremendously with my social anxiety.

It felt like when traveling I would get 10x the value/amount of life experience I would have at home.

Think about it like a video game:
to reduce/cure your social anxiety, you need experience points.
When you travel, you get a 10x multiplier bonus to gained experience points. Get it ?

Traveling alone for a month outside of your comfort zone in a foreign land will give you more life experience than a year of living at home in your cocoon.
That’s why traveling will help you. 3 months of travel will give you the equivalent of 3 years of life experience if you just stayed home, etc.

Let’s be honest, you will NOT make progress against social anxiety with pills, it will reduce the effects but you will be dependant on the pills.

Now you will say… but how can I go travel alone if I have social anxiety, I can’t !
YOU HAVE TO VIOLATE YOURSELF, there’s no easy way.

Try TRAVEL, and you will get results. You got nothing to lose anyways…

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