No shampoo challenge 1 year report – lowpoo – nopoo

One year ago I got interested in the no shampoo / nopoo / lowpoo challenge and its benefits, and tried it out, here is my experience and report with unbiased pros and cons…

One year ago I had longer hair and wanted to grow it out…
Reading hair stuff/forums on the internet I got interested in the no shampoo lifestyle.

The no shampoo community claims that not using shampoo has many benefits, after an adaptation period… shinier hair, fluffier hair, healthier hair, no dandruff.
So I decided to give it a shot, must be fun to try once in my life.

There is a “girl way” to do it, where women use some products that they put in their hair to compensate the lack of shampoo, like baking soda and whatnot, I haven’t done this.

I did the “warrior way” which is just 100% water and nothing else right from the start.

The first month was rough, my hair was very greasy because I forgot to remove the silicone residue I had from using lot’s of conditioner before. See my older article on how to remove the silicone residue if you have the same problem:

After fixing this, things got way better, my scalp eventually adapted and my hair wasn’t too greasy anymore at the third month mark.

However it was still getting sightly greasy even after 3 months (but just sightly), so i decided to switch to lowpoo. Lowpoo is just using silicone-free shampoo not too often to clean up a bit.

Silicone-free simple and cheap shampoo I use

So I went from not using at all to using once every week or  2 weeks.
That was a way better balance for me, and I got all the no poo benefits but with a cleanup from time to time.

Anyways, here are my unbiased nopoo/lowpoo pros and cons, from my experience:

My nopoo/lowpoo cons:

Rough start, greasy scalp and hair for 1-2 months until the scalp adapts.

If your scalp produces lots of sebum like me even after a few months, it will still be a bit greasy (that’s why I went to lowpoo)

Hair takes longer to dry in my experience (I know nopoo people say the opposite on forums)

Need willpower / long startup time to get results, you will be a “hobo” for a month if you do the “warrior way”


My nopoo/lowpoo pros:

Better colors/shinier hair because of natural oils

No gel or wax required to keep hair up/styled, cool natural shapes and flow

Not sticky, feels natural/good and not too greasy

No need to buy wax/gel ever again (short hair male perspective)

No dandruff


Natural lighting, no gel, no wax, no filter, no Photoshop:



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