What do you do when you’re with a group of people but have nothing to say, and don’t want to be awkward the whole time?

I can answer this, because I can relate. I’ve been the awkward guy for most my 20s

I had mild social anxiety from my teenage years until my late 20s, I’ve always been the awkward guy, the silent guy.

At work or in social situations I always felt out of place, like vibing on a different frequency as the other people… like I was in a parallel universe…
Like I didn’t belong.

It bothered me for a long time, and the years passing I just have come to embrace it.

So my advice here would be own it, embrace it.
Being the awkward but cool guy/girl, that’s what you are, it’s your nature, it’s your vibe.

An other advice I would give I wish I had is: don’t decline the social invitations too much, but try to make an effort and show up. Even if you don’t like it too much.

If you decline social/after-work invitations a few times, soon you won’t be invited anymore, and it will trap you in the awkward spiral even more.

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