What is the best haircut for women

I was at a coffee shop and heard women talking about this, seems like a very popular question.
In this article I give you my opinion on women’s hairstyles from a masculine point of view.
What is the best hair length / cut / hairstyle for women.


So I was at a coffee shop on a sunny day, and I heard women talking very seriously about hair. I felt that they would benefit from a masculine opinion, since it’s us men they want to attract anyways right ?
So here’s my take on it…

A masculine point of view on women’s hair



For me the ideal woman’s hair length is LONG hair, at least down to the nipple.
The longer the better, but I know longer requires more maintenance and is more complicated to carry and maintain, so I would say long to the nipple is the perfect balance.

There is just something incredibly sexy and feminine to long hair, I just want to play with it and caress it… When making love the hair just brushes and flows over the breasts and that just does it for me. I Also really like to grab the hair to lead you.

Long hair just makes you more attractive in my opinion. The more feminine you are the more attractive you are to the opposite sex, and long hair is the definitive feminine feature in our current society.

You have to be above average looking to pull off short hair in my opinion, because as I said above, long hair is a very feminine feature, if you remove it you have to be quite attractive (feminine) already to make up for the lack of those points. Think about it, for men it’s the opposite, they have to be quite masculine (attractive) already to pull of long hair.

Long hair all the way !

(If you have tangle problems with long hair consider a high quality brush with boar bristles, it will change your life)
Here is the best hair brush on the market (Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Hair Brush)
Yes I’m a guy and I actually have this brush, from my long hair days, worth every penny.



The less product the better, I like natural style.

Show your face, no bangs. i just find it more attractive when I see the whole face.



If red hair is not your natural hair color, then don’t color your hair red. In my opinion it makes you look older than you are. because your skin color probably doesn’t have that special thing that matches the red so well like natural redheads have: freckles and light skin.

Aside of that I like all colors, natural brunette, blonde, red and black are just gorgeous colors. Just keep your natural color, you will look best.

The exception is going for blonde if you wish. Many women go for blonde and it looks delicious but be very careful when selecting the color, pick a color that looks natural, not those artificial yellow’ish blonde, that looks terrible.

Just keep it natural or natural looking.
Yeah you guessed it, I’m a natural kind of guy.

An image to illustrate, ideally for me:
long hair down to and slightly past nipples
no bangs hiding the face
something like this:


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