Why he didn’t call back ? Answers and solutions

One of the most popular question girls ask themselves and their friends is “why didn’t he call back ?

Here is my take on it…



Why didn’t he call back ? (Or, why didn’t he text back… since texting became the the modern equivalent of calling)

So you think you had a great first date, you go back home and look forward to seeing him again…
and he never calls or texts ! And you are left wondering why.
Here are the possible reasons.


Fear/paralysis/inexperience – he doesn’t know what to do

This can happen for young or inexperienced men.
I was guilty of this when I was very young and inexperienced…

Once a girl in high school gave me her number… but I never called her because I was immature and afraid, had no idea how or what to do.

I went on a date once with a girl, my first date ever when I was very young, I liked her, but after the date, I didn’t call her back, because I was afraid, I didn’t know what to do, I just kept overthinking and it lead to paralysis.

The guy may be shy or introverted or inexperienced.

-> Take the initiative to text, or avoid shy or inexperienced guys if you don’t want to have to make a move.


Your online picture didn’t match your looks

This happened to me a dozen times, I hit it off well online with a girl on a dating site, ask her out, she accepts. I’m all excited and look forward to the date… I’m hyped to the max !

And the I show up and… the girl looks worse than her pictures. All my hype gone instantly, all my energy gone instantly… I stay with her and have a friendly  chat for about 15 minutes by politeness.

The gap between your online pictures and reality shattered his attraction.

-> Put realistic pictures online, so you will attract guys in a realistic range of expectations.


He liked you but he is dating 2 girls and he decided to pursue the other one

This is the opposite of the first issue, this one is when the guy is experienced and has options.
He might be seeing more that one girl at a time, like doing a coffee date with each one, maybe one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday… and he decided to pursue an other one that you.

-> Be prettier that the other girl, or avoid chasing top tier guys that you feel have lots of options



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  1. I was studying some of your articles on this internet site and I think this website is real informative ! Keep posting.

  2. Brilliant and simple. I changed photo in Facebook to «  real one » and I had more comments than usual.
    I hate when photo doesn’t match with reality as well.
    Thank you for sharing point of view, Nicolas !

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