Why modern dating is so complicated


hello everyone why is the heating so
complicated in this day and age so why
do we all struggle with dating so much
these days huh imagine 100 years ago I’m
making numbers up just to give you an
idea imagine 100 years ago you lived in
a small village right and there were a
number of people in your age range and
within a few weeks or a few months you
could date all the people in your
village and just pick the best one so
you dated maybe the son of your neighbor
and you know the daughter of the mayor
the son of the farmer you could date
each one for a few weeks see their
personalities anyway you get my point
it was a fin it world you could date the
people of your village and at this point
when you dated them all it was over you
knew their personalities their looks you
pick the best one and then you just got
married pretty young and then dating was
over but today there is no more end to
dating technically with the older
technological revolution Italy made a
shift where the
is no more end technically there is
always someone better out there or
someone else out there
Instagram tinder online dating sites
moving in a new city transportation cars
planes extract cetera there has been a
shift from a finit dating to an
unlimited and finished dating and that’s
what’s make it so challenging today I
think it’s the source of the challenge
so today it never ends
literally so imagine you a young woman
and you’re single you go on tinder
you get like a hundred matches and sorry
how to pick one but then even if you go
on a date and you like the guy you will
always have this afterthought you can
always find someone better I mean that
just on tinder but in the next street or
on another online dating site in other
in another party there’s always someone
potentially who has better looks or a
better salary or a better personality or
whatever so it’s just not finished
anymore and that’s why that’s why we all
struggle so much because there is no end
and since there is no end for potential
it’s so much harder to just settle down
and as much as I don’t know 50 or
hundred years ago it was a good feeling
to settle down because you checked all
what is there for you in your village
close by cities then you you knew all
your potential suitors and you just
chose the best one and got married so it
felt good to settle down because it was
dating was over it was finished and
today settling down it feels like you’re
giving up potential better stuff so
that’s why settling it down it’s so
negative today settling down feels like
you’re losing because part of your mind
just knows that if you just swiped a few
more days on tinder or went to a few
more parties or whatever you could have
always find someone just as good or
better that you currently have so yeah
that’s the challenge with today’s dating
life it is that it never ends
technically so and settling down is much
more difficult to accept because you
sort of feel like you’re giving up a
little bit another difficulty I think is
that there seems to be a huge disparity
between rich and the poor like the
spread between the rich and the poor in
dating is going wider and wider back in
the day some people struggled and some
people had
better but I feel like maybe it was less
in equal some people really have it easy
have lots of matches lots of
opportunities big social circles or wide
audience on dating sites and the social
networks etc and on the other hand a lot
of people also have little to no choice
at all they have zero matches zero
social circle they really struggle to
get any attention at all so I think also
this is a an interesting point it’s the
disparity between the rich and the poor
in dating is also going up there are
people who have everything and lots of
options and there are lots of people who
have pretty much zero options and not
money not that many in between another
thing I wanted to add is yeah since we
have more options the more options we
have the less time we seem to dedicate
to give a chance or get to know the
other person I mean it makes perfect
sense right if you have only ten options
and you have this much time whereas if
you have like a hundred options at the
same time of course you are going to
divide this time across all the options
and have less less time to get to know
each each potential suitor that you have
so yeah we invest less time in each
option I think
so to conclude and summarize I would say
that the major reason why dating is so
hard today is because we have unlimited
choices potentially and that makes a
thing down so much harder and we freeze
in front of all the options we have and
there’s lots of disparity in equality
between a bunch of people who have a lot
of options and another bunch of people
who have very little options see you
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